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Convert Your Book to an Audiobook,

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Convert Your Book to an Audiobook,

Upload Your Book

Simply upload your book to our platform in text format

Customize Your Audiobook

Choose your narrators voice to create the perfect audiobook experience

Download and Enjoy

Download your audiobook files to supply to the publishers, overnight!

20%+ Yearly Growth

The audiobook market enjoys a high growth rate. It's a nearly 2 billion dollar market in the US alone, similar in Europe. Now you can take advantage of this fast growing market just like the big guys!

High-Quality Voices

We use state-of-the-art AI-based text-to-speech technology to convert your books to audiobooks, resulting in clear and natural-sounding narration with varied pacing and inflection. Select a sample to test our AI voices

Pay No Royalties

Audie isn't looking to take a percent of your revenue. Audie is a fuzzy robot designed for one task - to make great audiobooks quickly and efficiently. She's not interested in sitting between you and your revenue.

Fast, inexpensive, and high quality?

Who says you can't have all three? With AI voice technology, you can.

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No need to wait several months for someone to read your book. Your book should be done in 24 hours or less.
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With Audie, you don't need to spend nearly $10,000 for someone to read your book.
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Converting your books to audiobooks allows you to sell to a whole new audience. 20% of book sales are in audiobook format - and growing.

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Free Subscription

For free use of this service
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  • 2,500 characters per month to play with!

Creator Pack

For content creators seeking compelling narration for their content.
$ 22 One Time
  • 50,000 characters

Publisher Pack

For independent authors and publishers that want to engage their audience using audio.
$ 99 One Time
  • 250,000 characters.
  • Great for lots of short form content, podcasts, video dialog, ads

Book Pack

For growing publishers and companies with higher discounts and quotas.
$ 330 One Time
  • 1,000,000 characters.
  • Enough for an entire audiobook

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