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Tokens are consumed approximately 1 per character in your text, when you Generate audio.

You can purchase tokens simply on the pricing page.

Tokens do not expire.  You should buy however many you need and if you need a few more later, you can buy a smaller package to finish your work.


Incorporating periods and empty lines in places where the narration seems too swift will help improve its pacing.  

Author’s Voice can speak other languages and you can give it a try yourself.  Better support for other languages will be created and added soon. 

If you ever wanted to hear your accent in a different language, clone your voice and use it to speak it.  

At this time, Author’s Voice uses only context to know how to express emotion.  This doesn’t work in all cases, especially when it comes to dialog, because the range of expression in speech is so varied.  

In the near future you will have the ability to control Author’s Voice expressions and emotions.

While there are many reasons to generate an AI-read audiobook, publishing is not always as easy as creation.

Until very recently, all AI audio was of extremely poor quality. Publishers knew readers would not accept it.  

AuthorsVoice.ai audiobooks have been accepted by Amazon, despite their existing stated policy against it, and we believe they will continue to warm to AI-read audiobooks.

There are many reasons why a publisher might not accept a particular audiobook.  We are not distributors and it would be impossible for us to guarantee placement.  We hope you understand.

Generally, an audiobook of moderate length is going to cost around $250 to $350.

It depends how many times you generate and test your text and make changes along the way.  

The pricing page is available at the very top of every page.  

There are discounts for buying bigger packages.

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